Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Hurt & the Healer

Sometimes things happen in our lives that we can't explain. We weep and we cry out to God, asking Him why He allowed it to happen. Why He is giving us this pain, and why our prayers for it not to happen did not work.

Except the prayers did work. It's just that sometimes God's answer is not the answer you were seeking for. And you are left with a broken heart, torn out by the pain that's swallowing you. You weep, you hurt, you cry yourself to sleep. You feel like nothing can fill the pain.

But that pain can be healed, and there there is One who can give you peace like no other:

He can take away your pain, your suffering. He holds your tears in His hands. He loves you, and everything that happens happens for a reason. He is the Creator, the I am, the Healer. He can take your porcelain heart and mend it. So bring your cries to Him. Let His love wash over you, and let Him breathe you back to life. ♥

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