Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Waves and Love

God's love is like the ocean. It is impossibly deep and never-ending. The water in the ocean never dries out. Neither does God's love.

Have you ever watched the waves on the shore? How the water builds up and crashes onto the ground, washing away any of the shells that were stuck in the sand?

We are that sand. We have these shells, our sins, stuck in us. Without the waves, those shells would not get washed away. God's love, God's mercy, IS the ocean. Jesus' blood washes away all of our sins! Just like the waves wash away those shells.

Those shells, those sins, are lost in that great big ocean! Smoothed away, forgotten, like they were never there. That's how great He is. He can sweep away our sins. If we repent, if we ask from an honest heart. He forgives. He cleanses. He loves. ♥

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